Hullo there. I’m Genevieve.

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I’m 25 years old, and I just graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgia State with a degree in English Lit that I’m totally not using right now because I travel the country singing with a band.

(Well, I guess I can technically say I’m using my degree right now as I type the first words of this blog.)


Might as well get it out there, this being the “about” section and all…and it would be silly if I didn’t tell you what this blog is actually about… (can you tell I’m stalling?):

….ugh. this is harder than I thought.

So basically you’re about to read about

my life/battle/love-hate relationship with manic-depressive illness,

also known as bipolar disorder.

I’ve been debating for years about opening this part of my life up, to have my most intimate thoughts swirling around in The Black Internet Abyss.

I kind of feel like I’m the mom at the beginning of “The Prince of Egypt,” putting my baby in a basket to float down the river, hoping to Heaven that it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had and that someone really nice will discover him and that he won’t drown or get murdered or whatever.

This blog is my baby in a river, guys.   (Please love him?)

So, despite my absolute terror of putting this out there for just anyone to read and/or judge me for, I have decided to just go ahead with it.

Why? Because A) it might be helpful to read the words of an actual crazy person so that, when you do feel crazy, you feel less alone, B) because I want to be honest and open about my life, and C) because I’m crazy.

So here it is folks.  My blog about being bipolar. (Insert weak-sounding “yayyyy…?”)

Photo on 2012-10-07 at 17.33

And now, in the spirit of mood extremity, I will introduce (in my simple, conversational writing style) an excerpt of a fancy poem that inspired the title of this very blog:

“…his raptures were,

All air, and fire, which made his verses clear,

For that fine madness still he did retain,

Which rightly should possess a poet’s brain.”

-Michael Drayton

Here’s my poem about bipolar disorder:

Books are read,

Violets are blue,

I have bipolar disorder,

sometimes I hate my life.


ps. I am in no way shape or form a psychologist.  This blog is a fun outlet for me and is not meant to be used as an official resource on bipolar disorder or as a psychiatric authority

pps.  I sometimes talk about sex and I curse.  Keep the kiddies at bay.

photoqueen: Michaella with Yellow Bird Visuals

incredible tank provided by: So Worth Loving


  1. damn. is there anything you CAN’T do!!!. what a frickin’ WRITER. “ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!” apparently, you already have tons of support. wow.

  2. My mom was bipolar …. Took years to get the right Dx n gt her on the right meds….. I had to grow up fast …. Had a lot of responsibilities at a young age as my father was a long distance trucker owner/operator and we had land a farm chicken houses cows. My brother 17 mos older then me took care of the farm n went to school I took care of the house my brother my mother and went to school ….. Very interesting at times …. Wldnt chng a thing …. My mom was an intelligent Christian woman and a great mother ….. I am glad I had the chance to gv bk a little portion to her for all she did and sacrificed for me and for loving me unconditionally

  3. Genevieve, how do I subscribe to your blog? I would love to read it. My daughter has been going through pure hell apparently for years. I think reading your blog would help me in my understanding and I am sure she would love to read it when she is able. She will soon be at the beginning stage of acquiring help. Not only do we believe she may be bipolar, but they say she is suffering from PTSD and depression. She was in a severely abusive marriage, and after getting away from it her next relationship was abusive also. It has caused her many personal problems and we are now taking care of her two young sons. I really liked your take on this from what I have read and recognized some of the same feelings my daughter has spoken of. Thank you, Dorothy

  4. You and your husband are brilliant, funny, talented and fun…glad to read that you are human and suffer like we all do…you guys are so fun—would love to be friends–keep doing what you are doing—

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