Thank God for God (aka Jason)

Just feeling thankful and wanted to share some thoughts.

I am feeling so much better.

I am specifically grateful to God, whom I now call Jason just for personal reasons.

It is really difficult to go through this life, let alone go through it with bipolar disorder.  I NEED a higher power.  Some people think they do not, and I am all about people having their freedoms.  I do believe that God is good and that God is love.  And I just have to get back to my first language of faith, which is Christianity.  It’s not the version of Christianity that most people subscribe to.  Hell, I call God Jason for God (Jason’s) sake.

I started journaling to Jason instead of to myself, and it has completely helped my thought processes and keeping my mind on positive things.

I am down with the Jesus stuff and that is how I get through my neurological imbalance, so you can’t judge me for it, so there.




  1. how interesting. like a personal love name for God. Why not? God is nearer than near, why not call Him by endearing terms and even nicknames. Please keep sharing this process…bendiciones grand muchacha!

  2. Just found this sight, and read this post. Thank you for being an honest example of Christ like love. God (Jason) is love and our purpose is to just be loved by God. It’s really not complicated. You are a blessing to my spirit. Thank you!

  3. Genevieves I am happy that you found what you are looking for in Jesus and that you are sharing it. Seeing how talented you are I could not imagine that you were suffering a neurological imbalance. His healing sometimes does not come in the form of instantaneous physical healing, but in emotional healing and inner growth. At least that has been my experience. Congratulations on you marriage. God bless you both.

  4. I really appreciate the fact that you have a spiritual hunger . I have found that being a Bible Student helps get my focus off myself and my sorrow, and onto something that I can in turn offer to someone else . I’ve been trying to share encouraging Scriptures with persons – not anything doctrinal , but just to be able to cope . It’s still a struggle – but it gives me a purpose 🙂 Best Wishes to you both !

  5. That’s so sweet. I think the Almighty can handle a personal nickname. I think the Psalms of David are some awesome and powerful reading whenever I feel depressed. He never denies what he is feeling, and he never apologizes for it either. He simply pours out his heart to the only ONE who is strong enough to handle it, while never forgetting to acknowledge his might and goodness. I love King David for showing us the light and darkest depths of his heart. For me, that’s real emotion. I don’t understand people who are “happy” all the time. It seems so exhausting to me. Anyway, I call God by the name used in the New Testament, Jesus; it works for me. : )

  6. That’s really great and I’m glad that you’ve found something that helps.
    It’s interesting that you chose a name for God but did you know he chose his own name that most bibles have removed? Psalms 83:18 has it in there in KJV for example. I just didn’t know if you knew or not but its called the Tetragrammaton which are the Hebrew letters YHWH most often translated “Jehovah” in English. Hope you look into it and I appreciate your blog from what I’ve seen and think you and your husband are so talented!!

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