Coming back to life.


I am feeling so much better.

Just wanted to share with you what it feels like to come off of a trip and back to reality.

Picture this:  You just took mushrooms for the past three months.  You’ve been on and off a hallucinogenic trip for months, and decided to get sober.  Things are getting clearer.  Your vision improves.  You are able to associate with other human beings without being super weird.



There’s one cool aspect this time for me:  I AM NOT DEPRESSED.

I don’t know how that is happening, to be honest.  Usually there is a huge drop off after a trip, filled with shame and hatred and black death.

But this time, I am feeling ok.  I am taking things slow.  I am ramping back up to Genevieve, full-time, bubbly, artist, writer, dreamer, doer, Genevieve.

“When I lost it, Yeah you held my hand,

But I tossed it,  I didn’t understand, You were waiting as I dove into the waterfall.

So say Geronimo!

Can you feel my love?

Bombs away.”




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