What it feels like post-mania.

It’s hard to describe what I’ve been through for the past couple of weeks.  Well…

What I’ve been through for the past couple of months.

My brain started firing off chemicals wayyyy faster than I could keep up with.

I went on a trip.

A “manic episode” is what the doctors like to call it.

(Now listen.

I’m not a doctor.  So I want to be clear here.  I do not by any means throw my bipolar diagnosis out the window.  I just use different language so as to mix up the situation.  I do not want to use language that is highly stigmatized.  If you choose to do so, that is your prerogative, in the words of Britney Spears.  Or was it Prince who said it first?  Potato, potahtoe.)

Basically I want to fill you in on what it feels like after a trip:

It’s trippy AF.

It’s like, I just did mushrooms for 3 months straight, on and off, and my perception of how I was acting when I was “high” is completely different than those around me that are near and dear.

So that’s weird.  I do feel like I’m getting back to myself.  So that’s good.

But it’s weird, too, because my “self” is ever evolving.

Anyways.  That’s enough for now.  More later.


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