I’m back now, I guess.

I had to take a long hiatus from blogging because I was definitely in the middle of what I call a “trip” (most people call it a manic episode.)


I was trying to keep everyone updated as it was happening, but it proved to be way too hard to do that.  I ended up back in a hospital, long story short.  It was as voluntary as it could have possibly been, but hospital stays still SUCK.  I was hoping to avoid them at all costs, but my family and support system told me I needed to go, so I went.

I am still processing a lot of the pain, anger, regret, and just flat out confusion that all of this has caused me and all of the people that I love.  I am hopeful, though, because I do know that the “crash” or “depression” that comes after a hospitalization is definitely real, but I have the best support system in this entire world, and I know that we will all get through this together.


Thank you so much for keeping up with my blogs.

You guys are my support system, too.





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