To lighten the mood 

Something I wrote about my Husband when he was not my husband yet:

11 Signs He’s A Keeper Besides “OMG He Gives Me Butterflies And Buys me Flowers Just Because”:
1. He’s honest. He can communicate when he’s annoyed with you and needs space (while still making you feel prized.)
2. He’s gracious. He knows you’re a human, not a domestic Barbie Doll Goddess. (He thinks it’s cute when you accidentally burp or fart in front of him.)
3. He’s humble. He openly admits when he’s being prideful and arrogant. He says he’s sorry when he’s wrong (and doesn’t wait till the next day to do so.)
4. He disagrees with you intelligently and respectfully. If you had to argue with anyone in the world, you’d rather it be him. He’d rather endure the hard work of an “argument” than not communicating his feelings at all.
5. He inspires you. He makes you want to be better. More creative. More educated. More loving. More driven.
6. He explores your mind. He knows you’re always changing, growing, and thinking. He wants to hear about your thoughts and dreams. He lets you dream out loud. 
7. He hangs out with and genuinely loves your family, in all of their glory/craziness. With no agenda. He’d hang out with your family without you around and be perfectly fine. He learns more about you by being around them.
8. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’ll make fun of himself when he says or does silly things. He doesn’t mind a little healthy teasing. 
9. He knows your humor. He randomly texts you things he knows will crack you up. He loves making you laugh. 
10. He is a safe place. You can tell him anything, and he’s not intimidated by or scared of your weaknesses. He trusts you, believes the best in you, and can’t wait to walk with you as you grow more into who you are as an individual. He will give advice and keep you accountable, but knows he can’t “fix” you, and he doesn’t want to. Perfection is boring to him. He knows he’s not perfect and does not expect you to be.
11. He knows he is worth being treated the same way he treats you. He is kind, but he is not a pushover. He stands his ground, he knows the value of his love and will not allow you to take advantage of it.


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