Peace and Calming comes.


I have been trying to update you during my “trip” this past two weeks/months.

Something has changed in me, ever since I got married.  I became more free. I felt a covering, like a protection, like a unity that will never ever be broken.  And I am trying to keep you updated on how I am feeling.  And if you don’t want to be updated on this, then don’t read it.


Bottom line:

I can find peace.

Even in the middle of a “trip”


I am on medication for seizures right now.

I am on sleep medication right now.

I have been on Lamyctl for about a year (I skipped 10 days once, 10 days another time, and a few here and there…so I guess 330 days out of 365 days?)


Please understand that I am learning as I go, and I am letting you into the process with me.


Have grace with me.

Not everything I write is about you.

Please, if you think it is, message me privately.

And please, if you want to speak to someone about how “full blown manic” I am, ask me my permission first.

Because even if I am “full blown manic” I am still a human being, I am almost 30 years old and I have the right to say yes or no to your decisions for me.


I am writing as I go.  This is somewhat like my journal.

Remember livejournal?  I used to have one of those.


THIS is my therapy.

THIS is how I breathe.

THIS is how I meditate.

THIS BLOG is my salvation, and so is God/Science/The Universe/Jesus









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  1. I am proud of what you’re accomplishing and this disease just seems to do what it wants, just take a deep breath and pray and keep going! And you have a decent person to grow old with, that’s always great to have a best friend.

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