My “F*ck You” Phase is coming to a close


I have been in a period of frustration lately.  (A good friend and mentor of mine called it my “f*ck you” phase.

I have realized that I have been really tough on the people I love (or anyone, really) that I believe has strong and unreasonable boundaries.

I have tried to control my temper, but one day I just broke.  I am honestly feeling like a lot of people just have no place for me or my energy in their lives. Being called intrusive and rude isn’t really my cup of tea, considering that is not who I am, and I know it.

But, something profound happened to me recently.

I realized that I can’t expect everyone to love me

they way that I love myself.

I expect people to love me the way that they would want to be treated.

But the fact of the matter is, everyone is fighting a hard battle.  Even those that haven’t been abused and thrown around in a mental institution (which I literally almost went to this past week.  Thank GOD for my family and for my support system, who can handle me when I am on a trip/seisure.)

I am so grateful.  For all of your love and support.  This blog is VERY therapeutic for me, and for some reason, it feels good for everyone to know everything about what is going on with me.  I can write later in more detail, but just wanted to take a second to say to anyone that I have been harsh with in my communication of my personal truths, I am really sorry.

I tend to want to fix everyone and I can be really pushy and sometimes stubborn.  I am really sorry, and I am working on it! I love you all.



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