post hiatus

I basically haven’t been home in over a month, with the exception of a few random nights here and there, just to sleep.

I travel and perform with a band for a living, and while that sounds like nothing but glamorous fun, it is really quite taxing on the mind, body, and spirit.  Add a bipolar brain in the equation, along with little sleep and hours on the road eating gas station food, and it’s a recipe for exhaustion (and possibly a depressive episode.)

It has taken all of the vitality I have to stay present in my life these past couple of months.  I haven’t had the energy or the words for a blog post in a while.

The good news is that I can feel myself coming back to life.


Sometimes I forget that my brain that needs extra care.

Sometimes I have to recommit myself to taking better care of myself (monthly…sometimes weekly).

Sometimes I take a two month hiatus from my blog because I am too busy to breathe and have forgotten to do the things that make me feel most alive.

Hey…I’m a work in progress, guys.





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