don’t take your meds, ye of little faith.


A Poem Composed of Advice I’ve Received

by Genevieve Simpson

“don’t take your meds,

ye of little faith.

don’t swallow pills,

swallow your pride.

you must simply


you are healed.

these ups and downs

are evidence of

a life undisciplined.


how dare you insult

the power of the Father

with this detestable doubt.

do you not know?

have you not seen?

He can move your mountains.

mental illness?



you are housing a demon

in your flesh.

his name is Sloth.

you may have opened the door

and let him in yourself.

sometimes secular seduction

sentences sinners to suffering.

don’t just sit there.

fight the good fight.

get up.

get out of bed.

do not let these feelings

own you.

a child of God is no slave to depression.

do not bow down to the god of emotion.

true Godliness

avoids all extremes.

still not healed?

shut yourself in

your closet with Jesus.

The Divine Healer

will cause this darkness to flee.

He will be your Rock

because you are just a kite:

flighty and wispy

and whipped about by the wind.

you are Peter,

being swallowed by the waves.

how dare you allow yourself

to sink,

ye of little faith.

how much time have you spent with Him?

how long has it been since you’ve read your bible?

are you in His will?

don’t you think you’re just being tested?

He will bless you

He will give you peace

He is all you need

He will bless you

if you would just obey.

just obey.

don’t take your meds,

ye of little faith.

pray more.

serve Him more.

do more.

try more.

try harder.

you are healed

in the name of Jesus.

claim your blessing, child.”


Please don’t tell me that mental illness does not exist.  Please don’t tell me that I just don’t have enough trust in Jehovah Raphah, the Lord my Healer.  Please don’t claim that you know what it’s like to have a down day and that Jesus can “pull me out of this.” Please don’t make the assumption that medicine is evil or a cop-out or evidence of a lack of spirituality in my life.  And please don’t misunderstand my strong aversion to your advice as bitterness toward the church, or a hardened heart.

Too many people are swayed to believe they are not really ill, they just need more Christian books, more translations of the bible, more prayer groups, more spiritual activity.

Too many children suffer because their parents decide that prayer supersedes medication.

Too many people commit suicide because mustering up the “faith” required  to get out of bed in the morning is just too hard.

I respect people’s right to believe what they want to believe.

But I don’t respect when they’d rather me shove their way of life down my throat

instead of my pills.



  1. you always have a way to put a little smile on my day…ye of awesome faith and tremendous courage!l love u! and keep taking your meds…(-: who cares what short sighted, full of good intentions but ignorant people say.

  2. Genevieve,
    I did not find this depressing. I found it insightful and articulate and deep down honest expression. There is nothing worse than being locked inside whatever has its steely grip on your freedom to become…………and writing about it…………sharing it…………is a step toward your freedom. It lets it rise into conscious awareness…… and holds you accountable.

    It has to be helpful for those who are ready to read it……..and those who may be looking for some way to get a handle on their own streaming moods ………manic………depressive…….. …..whatever consumes and controls and even abuses the energy they need to live.

    This is brave and real, Genevieve. Obviously, you feel the turbulence and the pull of gravity on your life…….you feel the spreading of your wings and the flight……..and you have hundreds of witnesses to your talent and explosive performances with the band.

    It has been said that the longest journey of our life is the eighteen inches from our heads to our hearts. When we let the heart begin to guide, we have a sacred encounter with the light of inspiration and the creative power of the imagination……..and it is not a delusion.

    When we have short circuited the chemistry of our own bodies, however it happens, the medications help the body to remember the way to moderate the extremes….sometimes with side effects that seem worse than the delectable madness that seduces us into being amazing human beings out of control.

    A long lingering embrace to you, prayers for your own becoming, and hope that you creatively find a way to integrate all you experience into the wholeness that you seek.

    Rumi, the great mystic, sets the human being above the angels, and feels we are the pinnacle of Creation…….its greatest achievement. Some of it has to do with recognizing the Spirit that encompasses our essence and links us with all beings rather than setting us apart.

    Pure Love is the remedy for all that pulls us apart…. It flows freely through all life if we are able to open and surrender to it. May you feel the purity of that love within you, Genevieve…..and recognize the empowering potential that you have within you.

    So much love to you,

  3. Okay this really resonated with me too, so so much. It is like you have articulated so many of my thoughts that I have been struggling to express. It is refreshing to find someone who gets it. I have grown so tired of constantly hearing people in my church tell me that I just need to read my scriptures more, pray more, love God more. They don’t realize that just makes a person feel worse. They don’t understand chemical imbalances.

    1. Wow what an encouraging comment! Thank you so much, Amanda. YESSSS I believe you have to learn who you are and love yourself before you can fully love God. It’s controversial but it’s been like that in my experience.

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